Subaida’s Wonderland


subaidaLike Lewis Carroll’s Alice, Subaida went down a rabbit hole and was whisked away to a magical land where things get curious by the minute. In her story, there are no elusive characters, mysteries to unearth, magic potions and invisible cats. Her journeys through the heart and soul of Kerala took her through impossible situations and unbelievable characters. An excellent trainer and exuberant traveller, Subaida made her fun trips into a travelogue in Asianet, Walk with Subaida. The episodes that she completed gave her experience, anecdotes and places to write about, enough to fill many novels. As if in a dream she continues to embark on one mad journey after another.


Subaida’s Pick: 5 Destinations in Kerala

Maanpara, Nelliyampathy 

I just let myself loose at Maanpara. I was running around the entire hill. It is an unforgettable experience. The jeep ride to Maanpara in itself is an experience. The experienced drivers give you mild heart attacks racing with each other through the narrow path. When you reach the top, you feel like you are touching the clouds. The view from the top is breathtaking.

The journey through the Ghat road begins a few kilometers from Nenmara, a town you can reach either from Thrissur (50 km) or Palakkad.(25 km) by road. The Pothundi Irrigation Dam, with a garden in front, is about 8 km from Nemmara on the way to Nelliampathy. Pothundi is a 19th century dam with special features. It is basically an earth and rubble dam with a concrete core. A special mixture of lime and jaggery was used as cement.


Never again will we be able to enjoy the spectacular view and feel the amazing air, as Kuttanad is a dying land. So everyone should experience that place now or it will be never. Forget who else is with you or watching you. Enjoy the rains and run around the paddy fields. At that time nothing else matters. Petty politics, the thrive to prove yourself, the battle with the unknown, all are forgotten.

Kuttanadu is a region in the district of Alappuzha, in the state of Kerala, India, well known for its picturesque vast paddy fields and its geographical peculiarities. It’s the region with the lowest altitude in India, and one of the few places in the world where farming is carried out below sea level.

Mankayam Eco tourism Project, Thiruvanathapuram  

Mankayam has a spectacular view. You get a rain forest experience there. The waterfalls, Kalakkayam and Kurissadi are amazing. Go for trekking in the Varayadin trail. Take a dip in the water. Feel the dust. It is a safe haven for women. There are women securities posted here round the clock.

Mankayam eco tourism project was started off recently. Mankayam is situated at Idinjar Falls in Palode in Nedumangad, 45 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram city. There are many waterfalls here. The water spectacle can be enjoyed throughout the year. At the Mankayam ecotourism zone, visitors can seek the assistance of guides with the entire activities coordinated by the Vanasamrakshna Samithi.

Muzhupilangad Beach, Thalassery

Muzhupilangad beach has clean waters. Just get on a boat ride with the local fishermen. Catch some fish. Enjoy the ride. I was yelling on the top of my voice when we reached the deep seas. The camera almost slipped from hand, but that episode turned out to be stimulating. The entire beach is kept tidy always. One should definitely lie down in the beach to count the innumerable stars in the sky.

Off national highway 17, between Kannur and Thalassery, lies Muzhupilangad beach. It is the only drive in beach in Asia.

Munnar Top Station 

It has been said and over said about the top station, Munnar. Even then, to say Top station has one of the most spectacular views, will not be an overstatement. On one side is Tamil Nadu. The view of the tea plantations from above, while among the clouds, will live with you forever.

Top Station is 32 km from Munnar. Frequent public buses operate between Munnar and Top Station. Stay at Munnar and take a short trip to Top Station.

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