A Picture of Poise – Niranjana Anoop

Niranjana Anoop on FWD Life (1)

Actress Niranjana Anoop strikes a self-assured mien as she looks forward to her budding career in the film industry

Words by Charishma Thankappan     Photographs from Jinson Abraham

It is not just her cascading hair and eyes full of depth that belie her age. Niranjana has a steady head on her young shoulders and a cultivated outlook towards her flowering career in films that places her far beyond her actual years. “I am a very direct, simple person. I generally don’t have a mask and whatever I have to say, I say directly. I am very much the same as an actress – a very rooted person.”

Actress Niranjana Anoop

Having made her debut in Loham with Mohanlal, Niranjana has gone on to act with the top actors of the Malayalam film industry in her subsequent films – C/O Saira Banu (Manju Warrier) and Puthan Panam (Mammootty). Asked if she found it intimidating to find herself on the same stage along with the veterans of the field, Niranjana said, “No. In fact, it is their quality to make the newcomers feel extremely comfortable that makes them so great.”

Actress Niranjana Anoop

Not a stranger to cinema, Niranjana’s entry into filmdom was thanks to director Ranjith, who is also her uncle. “When I was in 8th Std, I pestered him with my desire to act. At that time he did not encourage me to enter the field of movies. But as I was relentless over the years, he finally gave in, and that’s how I got the chance to act in Loham,” she says. That gives rise to the stereotypical question that every beginner with a film background is targeted with – is it, therefore, easier to be in the industry thanks to her famed aunt and uncle? Niranjana replies with vehemence, “It’s a very common misconception that people have – that coming from a film background makes it easy for you; but no, it actually makes it a little harder. One can always dream and aim higher, but there’s always the role of luck and blessings – it’s just destiny whether you go on to succeed.”

Actress Niranjana Anoop

Working with seasoned actors right at the outset has exposed her to the various styles and approaches adopted by them towards their profession. Niranjana relates her experiences with Mohanlal and Mammootty, which she claims are completely diverse. “Lal uncle wouldn’t let me sit idle any time. As we had many combination scenes, he would make me practice the dialogues. He did so by making it like a game, where he would come and ask me a dialogue out of the blue, even when I was wondering about.” Mammootty, on the other hand, “switches off from the environment and then suddenly comes straight to the scene,” she says. “I guess he depends on spontaneity, which is amazingly easy for him; but really difficult for others!”

Actress Niranjana Anoop

Talking about her experience with FWD Life’s cover shoot, Niranjana says that she was very happy with all the characters that were chosen for her “because it would be a dream for me to be like them and the fact that I was able to be them even for those brief moments, was something I’m extremely happy and feel blessed about”. With the opportunity enabling her to take a trip back in time, are there any fond personal memories she likes going back to? “I enjoy living in the present. I don’t like going back – I would just cherish a memory but wouldn’t long for it,” she says matter of factly.

Though she is still finding her feet in the trade, like every neophyte who comes with dreams in their eyes, does she have a dream role she secretly aspires to? “I do not have any dream role because whatever I imagine will be derived from something I’ve seen, and that won’t work out because it has already been done by someone else in its best and highest potential.”

Actress Niranjana Anoop

Not one to mince her words, the youngster is also averse to fixating over a role model. “I don’t have a particular favourite role model as then I will end up mimicking that person. I take the best of the many strong personalities or role models whom people look up to – everybody who is able to teach me something.”

As she takes baby steps into the film arena, Niranjana has managed to acquire big life lessons. “I have learnt that tension and anxiety – my weaknesses – don’t get me anywhere. I used to get myself worked up before any major event by overthinking. So I have started to tone down on that by taking every moment as it comes. I’ve started taking things a little more lightly and it has done me good.”

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