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Lexus NX 300h and LS 500h debuts in Kerala




Lexus India showcased the highly anticipated Lexus flagship, the LS 500h, and the bold and edgy NX 300h in Kochi

 Guests can experience the spirit of Omotenashi (Human centered hospitality) at Lexus Kochi, part of the Nippon group; while service support will be provided by leveraging the existing Toyota facility at Nippon Toyota. The service facility has an exclusive Lexus service bay manned by service technicians trained specially by Lexus. Additionally, for guests based outside of Kochi, arrangements have been made to ensure that they can experience the vehicles through personalized visits and test drives, at the convenience of their own homes.

The fifth-generation LS, is the result of years of careful craftsmanship, to deliver for those who accept no compromises and have a global frame of reference for the exquisite. From design through to performance and comfort, the LS500h delivers a peerless drive experience. The original luxury disruptor, the Lexus LS has for nearly three decades set benchmarks for powertrain smoothness, ride quietness, craftsmanship, attention to detail, documented dependability and long-term quality.

The NX 300h is set to excite and entice a new category of guests who appreciate the pleasures of driving in the exquisite yet edgy stylings of an SUV whose form and performance defy convention. The Lexus NX 300h will be
available in two variants – the F Sport and Luxury models, catering to the lifestyle needs of young influential achievers who appreciate the edgy, aggressive and the bold. The hybrid offering also reinforces the brand’s commitment to environmentally conscious driving options within a vehicle that delivers agility and nimble maneuverability.

“For those who have arrived in life, the Lexus LS500h has now arrived in Kerala. We are so thrilled to be adding the LS500h to our line-up here. When we think of the exacting standards of the most discerning car owners, we are confident the new LS will impress and delight – through its design, its performance, and the efficiency of the world’s
first multi stage hybrid system,” said N Raja, Chairman, Lexus India.

The LS500h takes the interpretation of Lexus unique L-finesse design language to an unprecedented level of elegance. The bold design of this vehicle means that the roominess of a traditional three-box design comes with all
the appeal of a 4-door coupe, housing a six-light cabin. Peak performance begins with an all new ultra-rigid Global Architecture – Luxury (GA-L) platform, which provides the framework for precision handling. The only long wheel base model in the portfolio, the LS500h sports a new multi-link air suspension system. Lexus’ technological innovations are inspired by boundless imagination but anchored in a human-centric approach to functionality. This is realized in the LS500h, inspired by our Formula One technology and powered by a 3.5L V6 petrol engine combined with a 310.8kV Lithium-ion battery, delivering 15.38 km/litre in a BS6 compliant vehicle. The world’s first multi stage hybrid system offers exhilarating performance and greater efficiency with perfect amalgamation of the electric motor and a simulated 10-speed automatic transmission that enables precise shifts. The LS has advanced electronic controls to bring Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) to an even higher level. This new sophisticated VDIM system integrates and controls six different vehicle dynamic movements. Technological excellence has also been extended to the entertainment features of the LS500h. Time spent in traffic will no longer be lamented, thanks to the entertainment features of the vehicle, led by a 23-speaker Mark Levinson Quantum Logic Immersion (QLI) Reference Sound System, which delivers near live performance quality audio.

“Thanks to Kerala HNI guest/guest connections and influence with the Middle East and the US, we are happy to see a high brand awareness of Lexus in Kerala,” said P.B. Venugopal, President, Lexus India. ”We have received immense interest from our guests in Kerala, and we have chosen to showcase the vehicle at Kochi,so that we can provide our Guests with an opportunity to experience our vehicles first hand,” he added.

The Lexus NX 300h is more than just a beautiful vehicle; it delivers for the driver with its all-wheel drive and a new adaptive suspension that unleashes thrilling performance – a 2.5 litre, 4-cylinder in-line engine, which produces 145 KW max power, delivering an ARAI certified mileage of 18.32 kmpl. The BS6 compliant NX 300h is paired with Lexus-first innovations and features that elevate comfort and convenience to new heights. These include Lexus’ first kick-sensor-activated power rear door, first-in-class power-folding and power-reclining rear seats take amenities to a whole new level. The incredible hi-fi Mark Levinson system with ClariFi technology features 14 speakers that are tuned to provide a robust entertainment experience.. The new Lexus NX features a 360° panoramic surround view monitor, which uses four high-definition cameras to simulate a top-down view of the vehicle. This view spins to show surrounding vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles, and includes position projections to demonstrate the vehicle’s path at slow speed. A more expansive 10.3-inch split-screen multimedia display provides simultaneous access to audio and climate controls and various systems, including the next-generation navigation system that is coupled with a full color heads-up display. Safety features include 8 airbags, ABS + vehicle stability control and an anti-theft system making the Lexus NX 300h a secure ride amid all its sophistication.

“The Lexus NX 300h – a premium urban sports gear, delivers exceptional design and comfort and is a fashionable car that suits urban style and use. The strikingly bold design of the NX 300h is coupled with the performance of a hybrid electric vehicle that makes this a cool SUV, said P B Venugopal, President, Lexus India. The LS 500h will be available at INR 18,221,000 for the Luxury Grade, INR 18,736,000 for the Ultra Luxury Grade, and INR 19,962,000 for the Distinct Grade. The edgy NX 300h will be available at a starting price of INR 53,18,000. All prices are ex-showroom Kochi.



Buying a New Car? Here are 10 Tips to Keep More Money in Your Pocket



fwd life Buying a New Car Here are 10 Tips to Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Words and images from: Raisa Elizabeth Mathew 

With a plethora of options available in today’s auto world right from a line of manufacturers, makes, models, trims and versions, the process of buying a car weather new, used or certified has become painstakingly stressful.

Gone are those days when you just had to drive down to the dealer and choose from not more than three to five models they have. But today, if you want to test drive all the cars before buying, it would take forever and you don’t want to over look the important things.

Here are the ten tips for your new car purchase that will land you on the best deal:

Do Your Homework

  1. Decide on your budget. Go to your banker and discuss the options, rate of interest and tenure. Get your loan pre-approved. Accepting finance options suggested by your dealer might be a tad bit expensive at times. If you do pit one bank against the other, you would find it interesting how it gives you the power to bargain over the interest rate. Most dealers have their own financing, which are mostly beneficial, but not always. Hence keeping a check helps.
  2. Choosing the right car is the most important part in the whole process. What is the main utility of the vehicle? Do you need a petrol or diesel vehicle or an electric? Would a compact or premium hatch suffice or are you looking for a SUV? Again, do you really need a SUV or a MUV will serve your purpose? After narrowing down options based on your needs, pick at least two vehicles. Calculate the price, reliability, insurance, cost of ownership and resale.
  3. Find out the dealer’s cost for the model, make and trim you have decided to buy. Get quotes from multiple dealers and online for the same car. Pit them against one other for a competitive price and do this in the third or fourth week of the month when the sales person is under pressure to achieve his monthly target.
  4. Do not opt for a make or model which is about to be phased out soon. For example, buying any of the Chevrolet models would turn out to be an adversity as the company had called it quits in 2017 and closed one of its units in Gujarat. Now, the used car market is flooded with various Chevrolet models at dirt cheap prices. This isn’t the first of its kind. If we roll back the calendar, Peugoet too pulled out of India leaving thousands of consumers stranded, and all of us remember the Daewoo motors closure. It is better to stick with the market leaders like, Suzuki, Mahindra, Hyundai and Tata because they are less likely to shut down operations in India. This factor greatly influences the resale value of your car as they depreciate very fast owing to the lack of service, support or spares.

At the Dealer’s

fwd life Buying a New Car Here are 10 Tips to Keep More Money in Your Pocket 2

Raisa Elizabeth Mathew is a digital journalist and a photographer. A life-long generalist, shewrites for various blogs covering digital entertainment, social media and tech. She can be followed @raisamathew

  1. Shop around to know the discounts various dealers offer. They are usually competitive as the auto industry has many players fighting for their slice. However, make sure lower price doesn’t means less features. Get everything in writing, verbal commitments are mostly not honoured. If you get a straight 10K discount, it is mostly the extended warranty, basic kit and other accessories that have been removed from the car’s package. Take a friend along who would mostly suggest other dealers and act uninterested in the deal 😀   Helps add pressure on the sales person.
  2. Take your own sweet time to test drive. Drive all variants of the model you are looking to buy. An outside eye is best suited in such occasions. When you are all exited and pumped with enthusiasm, your friend or colleague will do the observing and weighing for you.
  3. Always be ready to walk away if you don’t like the deal. This gives you more leverage and helps you bag a better deal. The dealer is not your friend; don’t be fooled by their warm smile and unlimited coffee. Every sale the sales person makes lands him a commission and every add-on, an incentive.
  4. It is okay to buy the fully loaded top trim stock car as it is advantageous and blends with your upholstery quiet well. But accessories such as the seat covers, floor mats, sill plates, visors etc. and most importantly, speakers for your infotainment system are best bought from the authorised dealers who have a variety of options to choose from as compared to buying them from other vendors. These are the places the outside vendors work a bit cheaper, but may mess up the car’s wiring.
  5. The extended warranty, zero depreciation, theft protection and return to invoice are a few features left to your choice depending on your geographical location and the kind of neighbourhood you live in. If it is a secure neighbourhood where your car might not get stolen and it is less likely a landslide or flood would damage your car beyond the point of repair, you could opt out of this which is just a couple of thousands usually but it is better to avail such protective measures for your car. Keep in mind the Chennai floods, post which flood affected Audis, BMWs, Mercs and Jags selling cheaper than the premium hatches. If you didn’t have these added covers, you could consider yourself doomed in such cases.
  6. Don’t think twice to pay for safety features as it may cost you dear or god forbid, your dear ones. ABS, EBD, BA, EPS and airbags have become standard features in mid trims of most of the models retailed by all manufacturers.

Even after you got all these things right, check your car before registration for any make ups and KMS done. Check if whatever was promised is delivered before you drive out of the dealership, and to fill the complementary five of ten litres of fuel. Happy motoring!

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The Porsche Off Road Experience



FWD Life The Porsche Off Road Experience (1)

On the Road or off the road, Porsche lets their customers decide

Text: Hani Mustafa    Photos: Various Sources

The Automotive brand, Porsche is well known around the world for their iconic sports cars, – The Carrera, Boxster, Cayman et al. But when they decided to make a Sports Utility Vehicle to cater to growing demands globally, everybody got curious. How can a sports car manufacturer build SUV’s? It’s just not their “Pint of Beer”, pun intended. But, then the Cayenne was born and all those voices have been silenced long since then. The Cayenne was then later followed by the Porsche Macan, which too has proved successful for the Automotive marquee. Both these SUVs defy gravity and has been proving Physics wrong when it comes to their driving dynamics. But its Off-road capabilities were unknown to their customers and the world. So Porsche India conducts off-road programs around the country to showcase the off-road capabilities of their SUVs. The Porsche off-road experience program was conducted in Kochi, Kerala in front of an excited crowd.FWD Life The Porsche Off Road Experience (2)

FWD Life The Porsche Off Road Experience (1)

Offroad Training Simplified

As we walked onto the course, we were briefed extensively on how we should tackle this course. A detailed briefing, conducted by Porsche India Officials was exemplary. As the drive started, we had to make some changes to the settings. Primarily, there is an off-road button on the centre console which automatically adjusts the vehicle dynamics specific for the terrain we were driving. The air-suspension electronically changes to its maximum height setting. Then putting the car into Drive mode and releasing the brakes was all that was left.

Luxury – Why Not Off Road Too?

Begin Stage 1, the Pot-Hole section, designed to test the suspension setup and comfort levels of the SUV, the Cayenne felt like a hot knife through butter, however the four wheel drive was what we wanted to know more and the was the Axle Articulation stage. The Four-wheel drive setup on the Cayenne helps it maintain traction even when two wheels are airborne. The four wheel drive system cleverly transfers power to the wheel which has maximum grip. It all depends on how we provide the throttle inputs, as we have to be very light footed to maintain the correct momentum to keep going forward. It was a truly powerful experience for both the driver and co-passengers.

FWD Life The Porsche Off Road Experience (3)

Confidence All Around

The Slip Slope Stage, with the car at a sideways gradient to the road was in store for us as we entered Stage 3, which had two obstacles in itself. Slip Slope (positive) was easy for the Cayenne as we have to give the throttle inputs slowly. At the maximum slope we can feel that the Cayenne is rock solid and it can be pushed a little bit more. Exit this and Slip Slope (Negative) was awaiting this beast. The right side of the car is going over an incline and this one is a curve. Once you start driving over the initial slope it gets pretty easy. We can’t see the road so we have to follow the instruction of the Marshals over a Walkie-talkie.

The Cayenne Knows It All

Amazed by the ease with which the Cayenne handled the last 4, the Hill Descent hurdle looked like a piece of cake to us. This specific test was created mainly to flaunt the exemplary control of the SUV. The principle is that the vehicle maintains required braking as we go down the incline and I don’t need to use the brake. Very easy, Right? I just had to hold on to the wheel. The Cayenne simply rolls down at a pre set speed limit. That was fun!! Initially it was tough for me to give full control to the system as it is wired and they told me not to use brake pedal going down the hill. But the system proved that it knows best & took the vehicle down without any fuss whatsoever.

Four Wheel or Three

I was enjoying this so much that I didn’t realize we had reached the last few stages. The Axle twister, as the name suggests is quite a challenge in itself, hence put second to the last. Here, one wheel would be going into a dip while the other wheel remains airborne. This one was also piece of cake for the mighty Cayenne. I had to just give proper steering inputs and follow the Marshals guidelines. The Grand Finale was the tough one, codenamed – The Side Trench, put my driving skill to the test. Challenge: – Drive down a dip at an angle. As we go in, the right rear wheel will be in the air and we come out, the only thing we see is the blue open Sky as the angle was pretty steep. The throttle and steering inputs need to be precise, or you can’t exit properly from the ditch. After completing the course, I was totally blown away by the capabilities of the Cayenne. It can match any sports car on the track and also be truly fun off the tarmac. The versatility is simply great and it’s a good alternative for people who are looking for great performance on-road and also weekend fun by going off-road.

FWD Life The Porsche Off Road Experience (4)

The Verdict

After the Cayenne, it was time for me to tackle the course with the Macan, the smaller of two SUVs. The Macan was compact in size compared to Cayenne and we could feel that the obstacles were easier for the Macan. The feel from both cars are almost similar. Just like in the Cayenne, we just need to press the off-road mode button to ready the Macan. Compared to Cayenne, the Macan feels more light and nimble when going over obstacles especially over Axle articulation and Axle twister. The clever off-road system works just like on Cayenne. Even though the Porsche Macan is not as powerful as the Cayenne it was not felt on the track and the power was always enough as the torque was always there to pull you out of any situation. Overall, it was a fun-filled day as I got to do some off-roading with two pretty expensive cars. When we compare the both, the Cayenne is better as it’s a much bigger SUV and comes loaded with lots more features and powerful engines, but at a premium price-tag.

Digital Version:

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Pre-Bookings For Jeep’s ‘Compass’ Opens In Kochi By FCA India



main FWD Life Jeep image
   Images: FWD Media

Pre- book your Jeep now!

Words: Devika V Menon

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) India announced today the opening of pre-bookings for its Made In india Jeep Compass in Cochin. To pre-book the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), interested customers can either log in to the company’s official website and place a pre-booking amount of Rs 50,000. The initial sale of the Jeep Compass in Kerala was held at the Jeep’s showroom in Kochi, in the presence of Mr. Franklin, RTO, Mr. Abdul Rasheed MD, Mr. Anil Kumar, Head, FCA.



The Jeep Compass, manufactured locally at FCA’s state of the art joint-venture facility in Ranjangaon, near Pune, will be available in three trims- Sport, Longitude and the Limited (top-end). Customers will have a choice of five colours- Minimal Grey. Exotica Red, Hydro Blue, Vocal White and Hip-Hop Black, and options in 4×4 and 4×2.



Announcing the opening of bookings, Kevin Flynn, President and Managing Director, FCA India said, “To harness the great demand for the Jeep Compass, we have executed a customer outreach across 21 cities and 26 shopping malls across India. We are already receiving overwhelming response to our new SUV. We have pulled out all stops to deliver the highest quality standard on the Jeep Compass and we are here to set a benchmark in the Indian SUV space. Customers will experience first-hand experience on the level of sophistication in the vehicle. Those interested can book our Made in India Jeep SUV online or at any of our FCA and Jeep Dealer network across India.”

With more than 50 safety and security features, the Jeep Compass will be one of the safest SUV’s on the Indian roads. Customers will have the luxury of having safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Dynamic Steering Torque (DST), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Adaptive Brake Lights, Panic Brake Assist and many more such features as standard across the range. The Compass Limited 4×4 will be equipped with six airbags with dual stage passenger airbags.



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