God’s Own Country Turns 61!


Here are 61 fun and interesting facts on Kerala

Text Credits : Alisha Moosa 

1.As the myth goes, it was Parasurama behind the origin of our God’s very own country – Kerala .

2.He apparently threw his battle axe into the sea and thus the land (that is: Kerala) arose from the sea. (Cue the dramatic music)

3.Kerala is derived from the word ‘Kera’ meaning coconut (stop giggling!) Hence Kerala translates to be ‘Land of Coconuts’ – What a surprise!

4.People in Kerala are known as Malayalis , which has been shortened to Mallus (only we get to call each other that)

5.We don’t speak ‘Malayalee’ we speak Malayalam.

6.Did you know the Hornbill is the state bird of Kerala? (I thought it was the CROW)

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7.The Elephant is the state animal as this animal has been an integral part of Kerala’s culture since ancient.

8.The state fish – Karimeen – is one of the most eaten fishes in the land.

9.Jackfruit is apparently the state fruit of Kerala. Oh boy! A jack fruit a day will surely not keep a doctor away (especially if one falls on your head)

10.Cassia Fistula is the state flower also known as the Indian laburnum, also known as rain tree or golden tree . It simple terms ‘ Kanikonna ‘.

11.Kerala is a land of Coconut trees ergo the state tree is… (no points for guessing this one)

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12.The first state in india to hit the highest rate in literacy. [ proud moment ]

13.Us Malayalis are expected to have the highest life expectancy rate.

14.Who run the world ,Girls. Kerala is the highest in the female to male ratio.

15.Ayurveda is the cure to all diseases is Kerala. It is still followed as the medical treatment of choice.

16.Kerala is considered to be the cleanest state in India .

17.Every village is Kerala has a hospital and banking facility .

18.Kerala is the most baby friendly state as the infant mortality rates are the least.

19.And the ‘ Spice Coast of India ‘ awards goes to Kerala

20.When it comes to a party, Kerala is the best state to surely host it. as you know we are state with highest consumption of booze (twice the national average)

21.We also have got our first female lady appointed in a Bevco in Kerala (last week)

22.We have newspapers published in 9 languages across the state

23.The world’s first teak plantation was created in Kerala by the British.

24.Kerala is declared as one of the 10 paradises of the world by National Geographic

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25.The richest temple in the world is situated in Trivandrum , Kerala. The Paddmanabhaswamy temple.

26.The Kerala Tourism website is the number one tourism website in India (hoot hoot)

27.It is said we are one amongst those cities who celebrate the highest number of festivals.

28.Kochi Muzris Biennele is India first ever International art exhibition to be held in Kochi, Kerala (and also one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in this part of the world)

29.The only drive- in – beach is India is located in Kannur, Kerala .

30.India is the 4th largest rubber producing in the country, Kerala has to major hand in it by contributing more than 91%

31.The first mosque in India was built in Kerala , The Cheraman Juma Masjid ,Thrissur.

32.Kerala had the first ever church in india built in Thrissur

33.The first ever technology park in India was built in the capital of Kerala

34.A.R Rahmans first film score is in Malayalam

35.“My dear Kutichathan” produced in Kerala, was the first 3D film EVER made

36.Moustache among malayali men is an all time in vogue in Kerala

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37.One of the most googled tourist spots in India

38.Kochi, Kerala is the only two tier city to have a metro rail

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39.A State that knows how to enjoy licking their hands after a meal

40.Miss India 2008 was a malayali – Parvathy Omanakuttan

41.One of the most celebrated hairstylist Ambika Pillai is a Malayalli

42.Jacqueline Fernandes favourite makeup artist is a malayali, Shaan

43.Rasool Pookuty the only malayali to win an Oscar

44.Jimmiki Kammal is the first malayalam song to get over 40 million views on youtube

45.Some of the most popular Stand up comedians in India today are Malayalis – Kenny Sebastian, Abhish Mathew and Naveen Richards

46.Onam is the most popular festival in the state


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47.We celebrate the visit of Mahabali from the netherworld (? Underworld? Purgatory? – someone please tell us what Paathalam is. And no, we don’t mean that place in Eloor)

48.A woman adorned with an ethnic Kerala saree is referred as a Malayalee Manga

49.Pulimurgan is Kerala’s first Malayali movie to cross Rs.100crores collection

50.Beef and Parotta unites every politician in the state to stand as one

Beef and Parotta

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51.Never before has the world seen a mass migration of people from on geographical location to another location – We’re referring to the Malayali’s exodus to the Gulf (also known as Gelf)

52.The state is known for some of the best ‘troll groups ‘ on social media.

53.Rice is the staple food of all Malayalis – but also kappa and meen curry – and puttu kadala.

54.Most households will have a subscription for the Magazine ‘Vanitha’ .

55.Kerala is a mixture of different faiths and cultures – we are home to 28 different ethnic communities.

56.Malayalis are open to Hartals for everything and anything

57.Toddy is the regional alcoholic drink if Kerala – apart from Rum.

58.If you ever visit kerala, Mundu is a must have item clothing in your suitcase while returning

59.Kerala is the home of every Varghese, Mathew, Francis and Chacko that you probably know.

60.FWD Life is Kochi,Kerala’s first english luxury premium magazine, subscribe – and we’ll send you a free pazhampozhi – banana fry. (#just)

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61.Kerala celebrates its 61st birthday today


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