• An Exclusive engagement platform for Women

  • Engage, Network & Empower women towards positive changes

Initiated by FWD Media, FWD Women Circle will celebrate Womanhood and will be a bold attempt to begin conversations that need to be had.

About FWD Women Circle.

There is no doubt that the world is largely patriarchal, and it is no wonder that the image conjured up by the words “Women Circle”, of a coven, has historically been imbued with negativity and inspired hatred and fear. Women today have overthrown countless shackles and forged ahead into waters previously denied to them. As glass ceilings are shattered, horizons expanded, boundaries stretched and barriers broken, FWD Media, with “Women Circle” seeks to reaffirm the achievements of women and provide a platform of encouragement for those still seeking the sun.

The first edition of FWD Women Circle saw an inspiring crowd of women. The talks were led by the chief speakers of the day, Sheela Kochouseph, Poornima Indrajith, Monica Suri, Latha K Namboodiri, and Lakshmi Menon. They came, they engaged, they empowered one another. We ignited sparks and showed them their wings. And this year, we’re taking the conversation further, beyond just women.

Because the Women Circle is not just about empowering women. It’s about breaking gender norms, overcoming stereotypes. It’s about not limiting your scope, and to always strive higher.It’s about all of society working to effect change with regard to gender norms. It’s about including the excluded, and embracing freedom and independence under your own terms. This year, the conversations continues by prompting dialogues on how women of today are still being held under archaic gender roles and how men should also be agents of change for ensuring gender equality.

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  • Women empowerment is mainly of financial independence. I understood this with the demise of my father when I was a child.

    Sheela Kochouseph
  • Equality, independence and everything is all up here, within you and not in everybody else’s hands.

    Poornima Indrajith
  • I feel it’s all about the confidence in you since I haven’t faced gender equality much in any of the national and global platforms I have been.

    Lakshmi Menon

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