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One thing we can vouch for Aju Varghese is that there is never a dull moment around him. On the drive to the shoot, Aju regaled with stories about a friend who is so addicted to water that ‘he would even jump into a puddle’. We were so taken up by his narration that we bumped or rather ‘kissed’ the car in front of us at a traffic signal. The agitated driver got out of the car and looked at Aju. Suddenly, a broad smile appeared on his face and waved us off.

Aju confessed that he was a bit camera shy when it comes to photo shoot. “You never know when things start and stop. I never know what to do when they tell me to pose. So let’s not have a serious shoot,” he said in advance.  Obviously, the shoot was full of fun for two hours.

Naturally we wanted to know if the dialogues for him in the movie “Thattathin Marayathu” were written by Aju himself. (Laughs) he replied, “Vineeth wrote the lines keeping us in mind. A lot of them were things that we had talked in our friend circle normally. You know like the stupid looking guys with beautiful women line.”

What do you talk when you meet other actors during a public function?’  “Basically, these functions are the only venue to meet other people in the industry. So mostly it will be just pleasantries.”

One of the biggest jokes in “Thattathin Marayathu” audio launch was about using a caravan during the shoot.  Aju explained, “The shooting location was in Thalassery during summer. The scorching sun was at its best. The heroine, Isha Talwar, was ‘glowing with red’ because of the heat. But the caravan was a big relief to take cover from the sweltering days.” “Personally, it helped me too because it was the first time I was acting with full makeup. Vineeth was very strict that all of us will have to retain the makeup for the entire day and not to spoil the costumes we are in. The other movies I had worked, I didn’t really have to worry about the costumes as they demand a shabby look.”

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By now the shoot was in full swing by the pool side and the actor almost slips into the pool, during a tricky shot. Suddenly a stranger walked in and asked Aju if he was Abdu from the movie. After confirming it, he complimented Aju for the character he played in the film. He moved a bit and started calling up people telling them that he was with the actor.

Aju was pleased as Punch and remarked, “It’s not often people come up and talk to me. But whenever someone turns up and talks, it’s a good feeling.”

The movie industry certainly had a few surprises for him. The biggest shock was to hear even senior actors like Jagathy Sreekumar addressing Vineeth as “Sir” on the sets.  “There is certainly a lot of professionalism “The seniors always try to make you comfortable while shooting with them, and they must have forgotten more about acting than what I would learn,” Aju said.  Aju’s dream has always been about making a movie.  His college batch mate Vineeth Srinivasan launched Aju as an actor. He is hopeful that he will have a full-fledged acting career.

“Let’s wait and see I have just dipped my leg in the whole thing. There are still a lot of things I need to pick up to get the feel that I am a part of Mollywood,” he concluded. However, this journey might work out for Aju. We hope to see more of his antics on the silver screen soon.

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