Artfully Articulate


Office environments are sure to have a direct influence on the creativity and productivity of the people working inside. So it is essential for anyone to plan their office space for maximum inspiration.

As you enter the office you are welcomed with a surprise element, as from outside it looks just like any other building. It’s a compact office space, but creatively designed to corporate a feeling of spaciousness and a refreshing aura for creative inspirations. And there is an underlying concept for everything here.


Design Concept and Layout:
As the site was in two levels, the office space space lies in multi-levels. The entry brings one to the mid level of the office, where there is a waiting area. A large window opens to a bamboo grove is a planned one. The lower level is the designing and draughting section with a small discussion area, a pantry and a toilet. The studio level being positioned below the actual ground level creates a feel of sitting under the shade of a large tree. “It is blissful to work that way” says the designer couple. “With the large openings we hardly have to use the lights during daytime. The mezzanine level has the library shelf and another discussion area. The store finds it place below the stairs.

Interiors Facts:
Vibrant and curious art works from established artists to their own works, from paintings to installations- the interiors are specifically designed to take the ever changing art works. Large mirrors on the sliding shutters of the storage units visually double the space. Care was also taken to reflect the ‘feel’ usually seen in the photographs of Fernando Guerra. It’s rather unusual to be inspired by an architectural photographer’s work in creative spaces but we were” they continue.

Interior Highlight: The Growing Wall
This is a wall in the waiting that takes the memorabilia which includes original sketches by people like Ar. Peter Rich and Laki Senanayake. It also has several pieces from their travel. Over a period of time the compositions on the wall changes as pieces of art are getting added and removed.

Colour Scheme:
Three main colours that constantly show up in the office are red, black and white. The designer uo explains the concept: “Red for being one of those colours with most meanings, Black, for being stoic, bold, and concealing and White as a base/connector. These are the colours that we constantly experiment with in our art works and it was natural that it became the base for the office interiors as well”.

The Scale:
This is something that every architect’s office should have, a scale that shows the length and height in feet and meters. It has been done with black and red reflective stickers in such a way that is registers as a scale only from the studio side and from the waiting its turns out to be another site specific art.


Quick facts:

This compact office owned by Architect Lijo.Reni amalgamates functionality as well as aesthetics    for hitting the right note – to providing a relaxing and inspiring working atmosphere.

Project:   Our Office Downstairs

Design: Lijo.Reny.Architects

Location: Punkunnam, Thrissur

Total floor area: 58.8 sq m.(Lounge & lower level- 47sq m, mezzanine level- 11.8sq m)

The project was awarded the IIA KC Award – SILVER LEAF for Excellence in Architecture (2012)


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